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The comment of the Copyright Agency about the following theft of intellectual property of Armenians

It was broadcasted the program by name “Travel with taste” on the Russian channel “Telecafe” on the date of 7 January of 2017 where the song “San galmaz oldun” of the famous Azerbaijani composer Alekper Taghiyev was used as the background music and impressed as an Armenian song. The song “San galmaz oldun” is one of the most popular songs of the famous Azerbaijani composer Alekper Taghiyev. The song “San galmaz oldun” was registered at the Copyright Agency of Azerbaijan Republic, on the date of 15 March 1973 and is known as Azerbaijani music.

It is seen in all archive documents, that this song belongs to Azerbaijani authors and Armenians perform only the sound of this song. However, not showing the names of the authors and the origin of the song is a gross violation of international law by the Armenians. The main principle of the Armenians is to show the Armenian performers in a big role without specifying the source of the music.

 There are famous musical composition like as “Sana da galmaz” of Tofig Guliyev, “Sachlarina gul duzum” of Rauf Hajiyev, “Ay giz” of Jahangir Jahangirov, “Neylayim” of Emin Sabitoglu, “San galmaz oldun” of Alekper Taghiyev, “Melodiya” and “Geca zanglari” of Eldar Mansurov on the Cd by name “the art of Armenian duduk” of the Armenian singer Jivan Gasparyan which discovered in Russia.

 Along this, a very nice album work of the great famous Azerbaijani balaban player Alikhan Samadov is offered as “a good Armenian music” as always. The names of the compositions shown in Russian: "ti ne prisla", "Svetlovolosaya nevesta", "ne prisla", "Lyrics", "Ayvovıy Tsvetok" imposed by the Armenians in the same small creative element. After all, these are “San galmaz oldun” of Alekper Taghiyev , Azerbaijani folk songs “Sari galin” and “Gelmedin”, dance musics “Mirzeyi” and “Heyva gulu”. Of course, plagiarists do show neither the origin nor the real performers of the music. Heir of Alekper Taghiyev, Mr. Xalig Taghiyev says that Jivan Gasparyan did not ask any permission for singing this song.

Generally, the song of “San galmaz oldun” of Alekper Taghiyev is very popular not only in Azerbaijan, bur also abroad of our country.  For example, the Belarus singer Tatyana Eduardnovna Lipnickaya famous with name of Byanka and Uzbek singer Oksana Vladimirovna Necitaylo famous with the name of Soqdiana performed the song of “San galmaz oldun” of Alekper Taghiyev illegal. At that time, the Copyright Agency of Azerbaijan implemented measures under its authority and held talks with the relevant authorities of Belarus and Uzbekistan.

Music, folklore samples and other intangible cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani people, owned for many years by the Armenians and are presented as examples of Armenian art stolen from time to time. Azerbaijani folk songs “Sari galin” , “Susen sunbul” and tens of others, dances “Yalli”, “Vagzali”, “Koceri”,” Uzundere”, “ Mirzeyi”, our ancient musical instruments (tar, balaban, zurna), even  compositions of great Azerbaijani composer such as Uzeyir Hajibayli, Gara Garayev and Fikrat Amirov, also music of our modern composers trying to introduce as Armenian samples.

 The above-mentioned facts are now carried out by the Copyright Agency and the Agency continues to fight. Thus, investigations were carried out on every Armenian theft, and it was made a wide reference on the historian facts and spread via media and sent a letter to the World Intellectual Property Organization.



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