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Azerbaijan sends protest on piracy of folklore samples by Armenians to international organisations

16 January 2014, 15:57 (GMT+04:00)


Baku, Azerbaijan, Jan. 16


By Elchin Mehdiyev - Trend:

A report on activity carried out in Azerbaijan in 2013 against Armenian piracy has been published.
The Azerbaijani copyright agency organised broadcasting of information over the Internet in Azerbaijani, Russian and English on 43 conference websites. The event was devoted to the legal protection of folklore and traditional knowledge of the Azerbaijani people exposing Armenian piracy in this area, the agency told Trend on Wednesday.
Relevant information and letters of protest were sent to the World Intellectual Property Organisation, UNESCO and other international organisations in connection with the facts of misappropriation of samples of Azerbaijan's folklore and works of authorship by the Armenians.
'Armenian foreign fairy tales' written by author Kamran Imanov, revealing the falsification of Armenians was first published in Azerbaijani, then in Russian and English in 2013. The book was distributed through the Foreign Ministry and the State Committee for Work with the Diaspora. Its electronic version was posted on the websites of various news agencies. Imanov's other book, 'Introduction to the history of Armenian tales' was prepared for publication.
The process of taking the appropriate measures was started to prevent the misappropriation of the country's intangible cultural heritage, as well as centralised digitisation and legal protection of Azerbaijan's cultural heritage samples and other models of intellectual property, according to the report.

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