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Azerbaijan files complaint against Armenians’ piracies

16 january 2014, 16:40 (GMT+04:00)

By Sara Rajabova

Azerbaijan has filed a complaint against Armenians' piracies to the World Intellectual Property Organizations, UNESCO and other international organizations.
Baku sent information and related documents to the above-mentioned centers revealing the illegal copying of Azerbaijani folklore and works by Armenians.
The Copyright Agency of Azerbaijan organized a conference on the legal protection of national heritage. In a 2013-report at the end of the conference, the agency called for adopting some measures to prevent from misappropriation of intangible cultural heritage of the country as well as a centralized digitization of the cultural heritage and other intellectual property.
A book entitled "Armenian Foreign Fairy-tales" by Kamran Imanov, head of State Committee for Author's Rights, revealing Armenians' piracy was published in 2013 first in Azerbaijani and then in Russian and English languages.
The book was distributed abroad by the Foreign Ministry and the State Committee for Work with the Diaspora. Its electronic version was posted on the websites of various news agencies.
Another book of Imanov entitled "Introduction to Armenian tales the History" is now ready for publication.
Besides, the Copyright Agency said the level of piracy in the publication of books in Azerbaijan has decreased from 61 to 30 percent, compared to 2005. Meanwhile, the trend in the audio-video production market has gone from 90 to 67 percent and software from 96 to 87 percent.
During the reporting period, the hotline "960" of the agency has received about 700 complaints. More than 500 citizens received "Legal advice".
All requests were promptly examined and based on the request of state and judicial authorities, nine special reports were prepared.
The Agency has set up an electronic system for personalization of control marks which would be applied to instances of copyright violation. "Track & Trace" system, determines the original copies with the control marks using smart mobile phones. The operation is carried out by an educational center.
Since 1996 more than nine thousand works and similar cases have been registered by the Copyright Agency. Meanwhile, 21 works from 13 authors have been registered electronically. The total number of registered products in the years 1996-2013 amounted to 9133.

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