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Activity in the copyright sphere

Activity in the copyright sphere


The Plan for Development of Copyright and Related Rights provides a basis for the implementation of state policy, and helps to generalize the lessons on copyright law and management learned at international level. There is also close co-operation with international experts. A network of authors and users has been set up, works of all kinds are being registered and computer-catalogued, and facilities for inspection of the registers have been provided. The Agency co-ordinates the activities of the public bodies and specialists working in the copyright field, advises them on methods and the law, and provides information for rights-holders, using seminars, briefings and the media for this purpose, and also producing specialized guides to methods and practice.
Comparison with European copyright laws, and a study of the requirements embodied in the WIPO and TRIPS Internet agreements have resulted in proposals on improving national legislation and introducing various organizational measures in keeping with standard international practice. As part of the collective administration of property rights, the collection and distribution of authors’ and rights-holders’ royalties have been organized, and the range of registered users has been broadened, chiefly by adding certain commercial structures.
Over 19,000 works, and over 120 users (legal persons only), have been registered. The number of persons who have received royalties under the collective administration scheme now exceeds 2,500.
In 2001 alone, over 420 works by 70 authors were registered, some 130 registration certificates were issued to 150 owners of exclusive rights, approximately 80 authors’ agreements on transfers of rights were registered, and over 500 musical works by 20 authors were lodged in the archives. Details of more than 4,200 musical works and 150 authors are now stored on a special data-base. The collective system covers the collection of royalties, totaling 220 million manats, for over 550 rights-holders.
Again in 2001, guidance was provided for over 200 owners of copyright and related rights, and their representatives.

K.Imanov, 2005

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